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DiaSafe® RoofX

Elevate Safety,
Minimize Cost

Celebrating the upcoming Diadem® 30th anniversary, we’re providing up to 30% discount on the RoofX-C 50 post and DS Glide head kit.

Prompt planning and delivery of BIM-based designs

Thanks to the few components, simple and efficient installation, reducing labor costs

Adaptable insulation for all waterproofing scenarios

User-friendly design for easy use

Easy maintenance and registration in Diadem online system

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Anyone working at heights needs to be secured against a fall. This protection is the responsibility of the employer, and/or the owner of the premises, and it is also the architect’s responsibility, in designing the building, to meet the relevant regulations. All DiaSafe® systems comply with the latest EU standards. To achieve these standards, hundreds of fall tests were conducted on DiaSafe ® systems, in the product development and testing centre, under the supervision of independent testing organisations.

Put safety first with DiaSafe® RoofX!
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